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Our company’s activity is structured in four major areas:

    – Breaded frozen goods
  2. – Brands: Frigane, Calibra
  3. – Chicken, turkey and pork products
  4. – Meat cutting – chicken, pork
  5. – Repackaging of frozen chicken, turkey and pork products (under the Calibra brand)


DISTRIBUTION: food products, mainly of animal origin;

RETAIL: retail stores;


Calibra supplies a wide range of products in a timely manner and at a fair price, ensuring logistic services at high quality standards.

Our company succeeds in doing this because it has a large storage capacity, according to the standards of the Romanian and EU markets – properly equipped means of transportation, an IT system that ensures the optimal coordination of the resources of the entire logistics and distribution system and a specialized team, dynamic and dedicated.

Our company’s first important investment is the refrigerated warehouse in Bretea Streiului, Hunedoara County, financed by EU funds, an important logistics platform with a storage capacity of 500 tons distributed in 6 freezer and 3 refrigeration warehouses with high-quality technological equipment.

Our company’s most recent investment is a meat processing factory that started its activity in the spring of 2022.

Its large storage capacity along with its storage conditions adapted to different categories of fresh or frozen products and its location 15km from the highway on DN66 make it possible to function as a regional distribution base for third parties.

The warehouse carries out logistics, storage and stock management services, respectively: uploading, downloading, sorting, picking, mixing and batching the goods.