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About us

In the beginning, there was the dream, as in all of the beautiful stories of life.

Calibra’s story began in 1999 as a family business, with the establishment of the first grocery store.

In 2005, our store chain expanded and we started the distribution activity of the company, with small but steady steps and with confidence in the possibility of growing sustainably, by offering quality products and services to our customers, at fair prices.

In order to be able to increase our market share in the following years of continuous investments and keeping the same principles and values from the beginning, Calibra built a refrigerated warehouse with the help of EU funds, increased its car fleet to ensure distribution in over haft the country and expanded the chain of stores to three counties then once again accessed European funds to be able to build a meat processing factory that started its activity in the spring of 2022.

We use our entire accumulated experience to be able to get closer to the qualitative and quantitative requirements always growing and changing on the market.

And, of course, we continued to dream beautifully, together with the Calibra family that grew more and more around its big-hearted core.


What we can offer you:

Calibra has been operating on the wholesale and retail market since 1999. It’s been 23 years since we first learned to listen to our customers – legal entities or individuals – in order to be able to adapt to their requirements and grow together through the quality, profitability and sustainability of the products offered.

All the information collected daily by our 9 sales agents from the approximately 800 corporate customers covering half of the country and by our retail workers from the individual customers who bought our products from our 11 stores opened in Hunedoara, Alba and Sibiu counties, was used to improve the range of products offered to the Romanian market, its structure and quality.

Also, according to the demands of the market, we optimized the distribution networks by optimizing the routes and delivery times, increasing the fleet to 13 refrigerated vehicles, monitored non-stop by GPS and the quality of their transport, so that our products reach the customer on time and in complete food safety final.

In all these years, we have collected information from all the European trade fairs in order to know the best suppliers, the best performing machines on the market, the newest trends and market requirements and the best way of satisfying them, as done by the biggest players of markets all over the world.

Our most recent investment for this purpose is a meat processing unit that started its activity in the spring of 2022.

Considering that the company can purchase quality raw materials from established and certified suppliers, in large quantities and at favorable prices, we manage to obtain products that have ingredients of superior quality, while at the same time maintaining competitive and attractive prices on this market.

Thanks to our high-performance machines, we have the possibility of offering our products labeled with the customers’ own brands upon request, and we can quickly adjust the recipes according to the feedback from the market and we can ensure the portioning of breaded products at the desired weights.

Equipped with high-performance lines for the production of breaded convenience foods and with machines that ensure the highest standards of production, processing and food safety, we managed in 9 months to offer the market a wide range of products with well-liked recipes and  safe and attractive packaging – a range of 45 sausages and 8 breaded meat products, products that we continue to develop both quantitatively and qualitatively every day. As we learned since the inception of our company, we continue to listen to the wishes of our customers from all over the country and always come to greet them.